Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Compassion Quest.

It's mandatory to receive the free 60 minutes coaching session on happiness?

I had a few clients that wanted to make a donation without them wanting to receive the free 60 minutes session. If you wish that of course that it’s possible. Just mention in the “Details” section when you are making the donation that you don’t wish to receive the coaching session at the moment. You can change your mind anytime! Thank you! 

How much should I donate before our first conversation?

You will donate as much as you feel you can give.

Usually a coaching or therapy session is around 100$/hour. Considering that we will be in contact often, of course that you won’t have to match that price. You just give as much as you can afford!

Most of those money I will use for children education and I will send you updates (pictures and videos) of how I’ve used the money and what change we made together.

What charity projects do you run at the moment?
At the moment I’m running a organization taking care for the education of children living in foster homes and underprivileged families.
Tell me more about you, what subjects do you enjoy ?
I consider myself a well-rounded person. I enjoy speaking about spirituality, relationships, life purpose, fun activities, chess, psychology, photography, art, etc.
How long is each individual session?

I don’t have any fixed duration for our calls. Usually it’s between 30 and 60 minutes, depending our schedule.

We should keep in touch every day or just a few times per week?
This is is depending on client’s needs and wishes. Some of my friends like to speak daily, and some with others I agree to speak 3 or 4 times per week. 
Still have questions? Send me a mail!

For any other questions, please write me at hello@compassionquest.com or call me on +40727.33.62.59