About me

Building the future

I’m a 33 years old Spiritual Life Coach and philanthropist from Europe and I would like to use this space to make friends and to help people that are wishing to have more meaning and joy in their life. Most of the donations that i receive here will go to support my ongoing charity projects.

Singing up for a call with me is easy.  After we connect, all my services are donation-based! You just make a donation at the end of our conversation. We keep in contact as long time as you feel it’s necessary.

My method

My approach for guiding people that are wishing to have more meaning and joy in their life is unique and fresh. Dalai Lama stated: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion!” Our interaction on the long term will have two components: 

1. Constant (daily or weekly) conversations with me. We’ll speak on various subjects according to your needs (relationships, happiness, life purpose, fun, etc.)

2. I’ll keep you in touch with my charity projects; in this way you will feel the benefits of “Giving Therapy”. I will show you every week the results – and legacy – that we built together! As I have mentioned donations will go to one of my charity projects and will provide underprivileged children with: school materials, food, toys and various other stuff that they need for their education.

my projects

Currently I’m working on charity projects for children education and empowerment. Here are a few pictures during some of my actions.

With the help of my friends here I was able to buy computers for children living in underprivileged families.

A photo made during some of my visits. We managed to buy washing machines for families living in a poor rural area.

A compilation of photos from my actions. Thanks to the help of my friends I was able to deliver food and sweets for a few children living in underprivileged families.

My approach for guiding people to find happiness is unique and refreshing. I’m sure we all find joy and pleasure when we are making someones else’s life better.  Support me to buy Emma and her sisters a PC by making a donation.

Let’s Start a conversation

 Donate now!

If you donate any amount over $50, I will offer you a free 60 minutes coaching session on happiness (or any other subject that you prefer – relationships, life purpose, fun, spirituality).